Floral Arrangements

Floral arrangements can vary in just about every way depending on the occasion. Floral arrangements can be made with fresh cut flowers, other fresh cuttings such as evergreen or silk and dried flowers.  We can even make themed arrangements or include any special items you may wish to provide.

Fresh Cut Arrangements

At Bloomers we pride ourselves on the freshness and uniqueness of our fresh cut flower arrangements. The frequency of our deliveries along with our commitment to customer service allows us to ensure that we always give you the freshest flowers available.

Whether you are seeking elegance, creativity, color or exotic flowers in your arrangement, our selection, design and attention to detail will deliver what you are seeking.

We can tailor arrangements to specific colors, sizes, shapes, flower types, location, occasion and atmosphere to help you achieve the concept you may be seeking. We can also create the ideal arrangement to meet your budgetary needs. Conversely, if you are seeking more of a statement piece we can certainly provide guidance to bring you the effect you desire.

Silk and Dried Flowers

At Bloomers we keep a selection of silk & dried flower arrangements ready for purchase in our store for our clients’ convenience. These pieces may also serve as inspiration for a custom arrangement. Silk & dried flowers are customarily used as table arrangements, accent pieces in a particular room, used in door or wall wreaths or even holiday decorations. Table arrangements are popular for holidays or for special occasions. We can also suit the style of the location, whether it is beachy, woodsy or a particular motif. Clients have brought us items from their home, fibers from their carpet and paint from their walls around which we have designed complementary pieces. These types of pieces are often sought for their ease of care by people who may be seasonal visitors. If you are considering a silk & dried arrangement, please feel free to call or visit us so we can answer any questions you may have.


If you have an anniversary for which you would like to give or send an arrangement or other type of gift, we would be happy to assist you with your decision.  Fresh cut flowers are always appropriate but depending on the recipient or type of anniversary, you may wish to select a different option.  We can tailor a gift basket, fresh cut or silk and dried arrangement to make sure that the recipient of your gift will be more than pleased!  We invite you to contact us or stop by so we can ascertain all of the details and get to work!  This is also a perfect example of an event that can be part of our Forget Me Not program so you don’t have to worry about a thing.


At Bloomers we love helping our community members celebrate birthdays!  You can never go wrong with a special fresh-cut arrangement, but sometimes it can be difficult to select a birthday gift if flowers may not be the right option.  One of the nice things about our gift baskets is that they can be made especially to suit each individual recipient.  We can make more masculine-oriented baskets and baskets that would be suitable for someone whose tastes you may not be certain about.  The size and contents are completely customizable and we are always happy to assist you with your selections and provide guidance.  Birthdays are the most popular holiday for those who participate in our Forget Me Not program, so we can always help you make sure you never miss an important birthday!  We always invite you to contact us to see how Bloomers can be of service.


Perhaps there is no more joyous time than the welcome of a newborn baby into the world!  Floral arrangements, plants and gift baskets are wonderful ways to congratulate the new or repeat parents and celebrate the arrival of their child.  We can always customize a special gift basket to include any baby items you would like to provide in addition to anything that Bloomers offers.  Please contact us so we can help you express your joy and congratulations for such a celebrated event!

Get Well

Letting someone know that you are thinking about them in a time of illness or recovery is always appreciated but can sometimes be more difficult than we realize.  Sometimes people may wonder what types of arrangements or gifts might be appropriate in such a situation.  There are even times that patients are not allowed to have fresh flowers in their hospital rooms.  At Bloomers we are sensitive to these considerations and have experience with ideas that are suitable for each particular situation.  If there is someone to whom you would like to extend your well-wishes and remind them that you are thinking about them, we would be honored to provide you the service you are seeking.  Please feel free to let us know what you may be thinking and we can provide any support you would like.

Thank You

Sometimes you may feel that a verbal expression of thanks may just not be enough for what someone has done for you or a loved one.  At Bloomers we understand that expressing gratitude is not only appreciated by the person receiving thanks, but nurtures the soul of the individual whose life has been touched.  It can be difficult to figure out how best to express such gratitude depending on the deed or your knowledge of the person.  In such a situation we would be delighted to assist you in deciding an appropriate gift.  Floral arrangements, plants and gift baskets can all be suitable options, and are customizable to any degree you would like.  Give us a call or stop by at your convenience and we will happily discuss the different options!

Below are some examples of floral arrangements we have provided for clients.  These are samples of past work that are not intended to be duplicated exactly, but elements from any of them could be used to inspire a new custom floral arrangement.

Custom arrangement